Choosing The Right Corner Sofa

Bang on trend, versatile and eye-catching, a corner sofa can add pizazz to any room, but how to choose the right one for you?

Grab a tape measure

Well, firstly you need to consider the practicalities. Will the sofa fit in the living room? Is there enough space to get it through doors and down hallways? Corner sofas are deceptively big, so make sure there are no radiators, shelves or other pieces of furniture that may prevent your new sofa sliding, snuggly into the corner of your living room. Forward planning will prevent red faces all around when the delivery arrives and it emerges your new corner sofa won’t fit inside the house. has sizes to fit any home, such as the Shannon range of corner sofa which is currently available with up to £759 off.

Choose a style

Once you’ve finished with the tape measure, it’s time to pick the style of sofa you want. A corner unit is perfect for getting a sumptuous seat in a tight corner without breaking the bank. The LindaSofa for example would be an elegant choice. Upholstered in grey soft chenille fabric, it would bring a touch of class to any room. As would the plush  Verona Sofa Suite. Both of these corner sofas have almost £1,000 off – what’s not to like? Also popular is the L-shaped sofa, and the chaise longue, both ideal choices for lounging in front of the TV. Many sofas come with a reversible chaise, which allows for a ‘right arm’ or ‘left arm’ sofa. Bear in mind that corner sofas do not necessarily have to go in the corner of a room. With many homes in Ireland favouring open plan spaces or larger living rooms, the corner sofa’s versatility really comes into its own. Here they can be used to divide different areas – such as the living room from the dining room – or with a coffee table to create a ‘break-out’ area.

Pick your fabric

Whether you opt for cool neutrals or funky pastels, there are endless options when it comes to fabric colours. Try and visualise how you want your room to feel and choose colours that complement your existing furnishings. Neutrals often give the impression of spaciousness and can be accessorised with cushions or throws in bold patters. Alternatively, a bright-coloured sofa will create a focal point for your room and add a dash of drama. Balance with soft fabrics and low-key colours. If you want a timeless aesthetic, leather is always a good option. It’s easy to clean and actually looks better age.