How To Protect Your Fabric Sofa

Protecting Your New Fabric Sofa


Your cool new sofa has arrived. It’s positioned in front of the TV and looks so enticing. Now you can just sit back and relax…

Wrong! Well, almost. Of course your sofa looks good now, but without the proper care and attention it can quickly lose its sheen. In the same way a new car needs washed and maintained, a little pampering and preening can keep a sofa in tip-top condition. So, where to start?

Stain protection

There are a number of great stain protectors on the market. As well as making your sofa easier to clean, they protect against ultraviolet rays – handy if your sofa is sitting in direct sunlight.

Fluff ‘n’ flip

Fluffing the cushions on a sofa helps maintain their shape and comfort. A corner sofa such as the Linda sofa comes with a complement of scatter cushions (not to mention £999 off!) Plumping and reshaping these pillows regularly well keep them looking their best. Firmer cushions need less fluffing, but any cushions that are sat on should be fluffed every few days. Flipping also ensures the cushions keep their shape. Another tip for three-seater sofas is to rotate the cushions if possible, as people often avoid sitting on the middle cushion. Doing this will greatly prolong the life of a cushion.


Dust might not show up so much on a sofa as, say, a wooden table, but it’s there alright. If you’ve grabbed one of the great bargains from, a whizz over it with a vacuum will work wonders. A little handheld vacuum is an effective and convenient gizmo for this job.

Dreaded dog hairs

There’s a simple way to avoid this – don’t let Fido up on the sofa in the first place! In reality, though, us Irish love our pets; they’re part of the family and that often means sharing the sofa. A good technique to get rid of dog hair is to use a rubber glove. Choose one with a textured coating and simply rub the hair way before hoovering around the sofa so the pesky fluff doesn’t end up back on your cushions.

Red wine whine

Spillages will happen no matter how careful you are. If a glass of red lands on your sofa feel free to scream… and then get to work. Start by soaking up the liquid with a paper towel. Saturate the stain with soda water then dab the liquid with a paper towel. For heavy stains scrub with baking soda. Use a toothbrush to loosen the last of the stain before vacuuming. And breathe…

Oil and grease

Dad’s been tinkering with car and has just sat down on the new sofa, unware of the patch of oil on the back of his trousers. Keep calm. Send him to the dog house then cover the stain with washing-up liquid. Rinse with a damp cloth until the detergent is gone. For deep stains mix equal parts water and ammonia and scrub with a soft brush until the stain is gone. Allow dad back in from the dog house.